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Table of Contents
Early History
The Old Guard
Junior Minister
Our Constitutions

Current Offices:

Supreme Chancellors: HEM, Lethen

President: Vinage
Vice President: Lethen

Grand Admiral: Common-Sense Politics
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Seven Deaths
Minister of Culture: Gustavus Adolphus Rex
Minister of Interior: Shadowlurker
Minister of C. Integration: Elias Greyjoy
Attorney General: Peaceful Llamas

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Our Founding

HEM founded Europeia on March 6th, 2007. The region has been home to some of the brightest minds in NationStates. Europeia was one of the first functioning Republics in the game and has been so since June 2007, before which it was a monarchy. An elected Senate composes the legislative branch, whereas a popularly-elected President along with the Vice President run the executive.

The highest law in Europeia is its Constituiton. Throughout Europeia's history, the Constitution has been modified, amended, and completely revamped. Currently, Europeia is on its fifth Constitution and continues to amend this document. The Constitution supersedes ordinary statute law, enumerates the powers granted to the individual branches of government, sets out specific military procedures, and gives each Department of Europeia its respective responsibilities.

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